Test and Evaluation

GA-SI Test and Evaluation provides the customer a responsive and independent assessment through Developmental, Operational, and Investigative test and evaluation. The GA-SI test team utilizes proven methodologies, matrices, and system replication to deliver quantifiable results.

Our team consists of engineers, certified test directors, master test plan authors, and lab technicians to develop, plan, test, evaluate, and report on all aspects of test article performance.


Services and Technology

System Integration Laboratory

GA-SI System Integration Laboratory (SIL) supports software integration and verification testing. GA-SI develops a complete operating environment for the hardware and software including all external vehicle/flight control interfaces. The exact hardware/software used in the target system can be employed in most cases. Fault isolation is used to test system fault handling failover under dynamic conditions in conjunction with GA-SI Hardware in the Loop (HITL) capability. High frequency/high resolution data acquisition is available for analysis and documentation of test results.

Hardware in the Loop System Simulation

GA-SIís Hardware in the Loop (HITL) simulation technology saves development time and reduces flight test risk. GA-SI provides real-time operation and evaluation of brake control system component hardware (digital and analog) and control algorithms. System testing is performed on custom-built brake control system mockups interfaced with specialized computing equipment and math models for real-time operation.

Failure Investigation

GA-SI scientific analytical failure investigation methods collect electrical and mechanical measurements; analyze failure data to determine the cause and mode of failure of processes and products. GA-SI utilizes failure investigation process using a wide array of methods and resources. GA-SI has also determined root cause for frozen aircraft carbon brakes and has led the community in frozen brake identification, mitigation and system resolution.

Flight Testing

The GA-SI Flight Test Team provides its customers with experienced support for military and FAA airworthiness certification. GA-SI performs all activities in the flight test campaign including development of test requirements, program logistics, instrumentation requirements and installation, test director, data analysis, and flight test report. We provide complete test support or tailored services to work directly with the customerís test organization. GA-SI Flight Test support includes specialized analytical tools for testing aircraft runway performance, including winTOLANDô and VULCANô.

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