Field Service

GA-SI Field Service team provides rapid support to its customers. With a team of senior aviation experts, and a diversified group of engineers, customers can rely on superior support pursuant to mission requirements. GA-SI's Field Service team includes industry experts with more than 20 years' experience in the field, providing customers prompt and accurate maintenance, logistics, and engineering services.


Services and Technology

Aircraft Maintenance and Technical Manuals

GA-SI has aircraft maintenance depth of experience and knowledge that is without comparison. Our team has applied their combined 100+ years of know-how to improving current maintenance procedures, developing new procedures, and ensuring the most current and relevant technical information is available to users in the field. GA-SI ensures technical data consistency through Technical Content Management, Field Support activities, and complete technical order rewrites delivered in formats according to customer requirements. Our team ensures safe, efficient, and accurate technical data is available by interfacing directly with the user and resolving their issues and concerns. Our technical order staff has experience in over 20 different military and commercial aircraft platforms.  In some cases a complete re-write of the entire library has been completed to ensure relevancy, modern practices, safety, and cost avoidance measures were implemented.

Functional System Integrity Programs

GA-SI applies Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) concepts to practical use in support of Functional System Integrity Programs (FSIP). Analysis from the aircraft systems level down to the component level allows complete Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and a thorough dissection of systems interoperability. GA-SI uses a holistic approach, including analysis of aircraft depot overhaul facility repair generated fault data. GA-SI can identify high-fault components and recommend or assist in the implementation of system improvements that avoid critical failures or safety of flight issues.

Maintenance Burden Analysis

GA-SI investigates maintenance procedures and practices with a focus on eliminating wasted activities that directly contribute to maintainer burden. GA-SI understands and applies Maintenance Steering Group (MSG-3) methodologies that address people, materials, equipment, methods, and the environment to streamline maintenance actions. Maintenance procedures or policies that drive costly repairs by adding unnecessary man-hours, excessive inspection or replacement frequencies, or extensive procedures that can be simplified, undergo exhaustive review. Corrective actions include development of new procedures, elimination of legacy procedures no longer applicable, redesign of system components, and design of new or improved tools that improve safety and efficiency.

On-Site Support Field Support

GA-SI has experts and engineers available to provide on-site support for wide-ranging requirements, including validation and verification of procedures, and to assist with system malfunction analysis. The GA-SI team provides technical response to field inquiries from maintenance and operator communities in both military and commercial aviation sectors. With a vast background in aircraft maintenance and aviation engineering across numerous platforms, GA-SI can provide world-class support when called upon.

Depot Services

GA-SI Depot Services provides its customers new technologies that improve maintenance and overhaul processes.  GA-SI helps its customers implement High Velocity Maintenance (HVM) with a supportable supply chain.  GA-SI develops successful Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) work specifications,       software tools to manage them, and work card planning for complete depot management.

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