GA-SI Engineering provides new-development and aging-system services to military and commercial customers.  Customers receive holistic solutions to complex life-cycle problems involving mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems.  GA-SI identifies and quantifies system requirements, creates alternative design concepts, performs design trades, selects and implements the optimal design, verifies the design is properly built and integrated, and provides post-implementation assessment to confirm requirements are successfully met.


Services and Technology

Engineering Analysis

GA-SI Engineering Analysis provides a comprehensive root cause analysis approach for developing unprecedented engineering solutions to complex problems and complex technologies. GA-SI Engineering Analysis capabilities include: finite element analysis (FEA), failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), hazard risk index (HRI) analysis, stress analysis, statistical analysis, thermal and rigid-body dynamic modeling analysis, materials analysis, and design of experiments. GA-SI’s Engineering Analysis team has provided customers with practical solutions to complex problems in almost every aspect of mechanical, structural, electrical, and industrial engineering services.

Engineering Design

GA-SI Engineering Design develops solutions for components, assemblies, installations, and full-systems. GA-SI Engineering Design provides customers with full services covering the entire design process, from development of requirements, generation of solutions, trade studies, design development reviews, prototyping, and check fit. GA-SI Engineering Design will provide you with ready-to-install solutions. GA-SI Engineering Design produces complete 3-D solid modeling as well as 2-D production drawings. Our design team has successfully completed designs for landing gear systems and components, and one-of-a-kind test fixtures to support laboratory testing, field testing, and component overhaul for various commercial and military projects.

Reverse Engineering

GA-SI Reverse Engineering provides customers with services for legacy systems, one-of-a-kind parts, and aging aircraft. Reverse engineering is a critical part of aging aircraft sustainment due to parts obsolescence, vanishing vendors, and ineffectual life-cycle costs. As the requirement for aging system life extension continues to grow, GA-SI Reverse Engineering provides customers with sustainment options.


Configuration Management

GA-SI Configuration Management provides complete configuration management services. GA-SI Configuration Management provides its customers with design documentation and technical support for review boards. For government programs, typical baselines include functional, allocated, and product.

Control Engineering

GA-SI Control Engineering provide customers with engineering services supporting digital and analog controllers for a wide range of military and commercial applications.  GA-SI Control Engineering services offer complete support from requirement development to sustainment of aging aircraft.  GA-SI Control Engineering utilizes the GA-SI System Integration Laboratory with hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation to verify control system integration.

Industrial Engineering

GA-SI Industrial Engineering services provide customers with data mining methodologies and analytical solutions to accurately predict demand for maintenance, repair, and overhaul. GA-SI Industrial Engineering develops and manages practical implementation plans for customers. GA-SI Industrial Engineering models simulate demand from the field and support from the supply chain and account for logistical requirements to produce scenario-based economic data.  GA-SI Industrial Engineering gives customers the ability to make data-driven decisions about increased operational effectiveness, increased availability, reduced life cycle costs, and transformation to High Velocity Maintenance.  GA-SI Industrial Engineering implementation plans have provided its customers with over $1B in material costs savings.

Materials & Process Development

GA-SI Materials and Process Development provides customers with support services for the development of new materials and processes.  GA-SI provides life extension solutions where corrosion and fatigue are the limiting factors.  GA-SI provides its customers with improved and qualified repair and overhaul technology solutions.

Performance Engineering

GA-SI Performance Engineering provides its customers with full-system solutions to their performance improvement needs; weight reduction, shorter runways, longer range, quicker turn-around times, and safety-of-flight.  GA-SI Performance Engineering provides airworthy solutions to improve mission readiness. GA-SI Performance Engineering provides a systematic and tailored approach to help customers optimize their underlying mission requirements to achieve more efficient results.

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